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Network Outage : Cape Town

Status: Resolved
Reference: CKS-64554-388
Start: 2019/05/20 15:46
Facility: Bellville Intercare (bel1)
Description: Good day,

Please note, there's a network outage currently affecting the Belville area. Our engineers are currently investigating this issue.

Please kindly await feedback with ETR of 2 hours.
Impact: No Connectivity
Additional information: None

Seacom Western Cape Notice_Last Mile Provider Migration of Services_Affecting Kirstenoff

Status: Resolved
Reference: CLR-38779-563
Start: 2019/05/16 05:00
Facility: All
Description: Dear Customers,

Our Last Mile Provider is carrying out a Migration of their services in Cape Town Region affecting connectivity in Kirstenhof.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.

Impact: 12 hours downtime
Additional information: Client will experience downtime as the Calix E7-2 OLTs needs to be shutdown and then the OIMs and patch leads needs to be routed to the Calix E7-20 once the shelf has been installed.