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Octotel Network Notice Update

Status: Resolved
Reference: ZTR-49482-945
Start: 2019/07/17 08:46
End: 2019/07/18 15:36
Facility: All
Description: Octotel Engineers are currently on site replacing the damaged cable which will require to be repliced as well. Upon investigating and relieving tension on the cable it brought down additional links in the area which we are working to have restored before 1pm today.

We will continue to provide updates on the issue during the course of this morning.

The Roads affected in the area are as follows:

The Sandown Estate
Willow Road
Walmer Close
Winchester Road
Avondale Cres
Drummond Road
Warwick Road
Sandown Road
Saxon Cres
Impact: No Connectivity
Additional information: None

Potential Fibre Break

Status: Resolved
Reference: UJT-14219-514
Start: 2019/07/15 21:20
End: 2019/07/16 12:09
Facility: blou1 - Blouberg Aggregation
Description: Dear customers,

Please note we have a major fibre outage affecting our customers in the Blouberg Area.

We have logged the fault with the Last Mile Provider.

Kindly expect resolution within 1 - 4 hours.

Impact: No connectivity in the Blouberg Area
Additional information: None