General notices

UPS Failure

Status: Resolved
Start: 2019/03/15 12:08
End: 2019/03/15 14:13
Description: We experienced a ups failure and are running on our secondary feed. We manually bridged services over to ups1. All services are restoring
Impact: No connectivity
Additional information: None

Core network

There are no core issues currently

Web hosting

There are no web hosting issues currently


There are no VoIP issues currently


Planned Maintenance

Status: Open
Reference: QZR-34975-889
Start: 2019/03/20 23:00
End: 2019/03/21 07:00
Facility: Letterstead House (let1)
Description: Please be advised that our upstream provider will be performing maintenance on one of the aggregation point at Letterstedt House.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Impact: No connectivity for clients connecting to this aggregation.
Additional information: None

Switch fault at Ooba House

Status: Resolved
Reference: VML-88337-738
Start: 2019/03/19 02:17
End: 2019/03/19 08:31
Facility: ooba house (oob1)
Description: Our engineers are attending to the switching issue at Ooba House
Impact: Various clients with no connectivity
Additional information: The connectivity has been restored